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  • Updated Cities, Permits and Inspections training. Quick reference videos showing how to navigate the city website, file permits and schedule inspections

  • Screen capture real jobs in interior design, As-Built blueprint drawings, how to send in electronic permit packages, elevations and 3D rendering.

  • Job roles in construction, assessments and playlists for the most popular jobs. Choose your path and get going today.

  • New Case Studies added weekly. Real jobs and real problem solving. The easiest way to learn is by doing real projects. Simple explanations and training for beginners

  • New 2015 Code videos added weekly. For beginners. An introduction to building codes in an easy to understand video series complete with worksheets, assessments and quizzes.

Codes For Contractors

Covid restrictions have moved permitting online. Follow us as we add new code content weekly to help you navigate the new system.

Videos delivered in an easy to understand way for contractors in the field. We drop the engineer talk and show you how to use the code book for real jobs. You can avoid denied permits and failed inspections when you can find the codes you need. You avoid do overs when you know how to build the correct way. We cover the building and structural codes contractors need most starting Jan 1. We add new content weekly. Try it out for 30 days. Use coupon code free30days05 at checkout. You will be auto-enrolled after 30 days. Cancel at any time


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The Stone Collection Supplier Walkthrough

Visiting a Wholesale Stone Slab Yard

Bonus Material

Each video series in created for beginners and designed for faster business start-up and growth or for homeowners to understand the building process like a professional.

  • Real Life Situations

    All training videos are based on real job situations and the methods of a professional contractor. Real projects make learning easier and practical for learners.

  • Overviews and Steps

    Overviews explain the concept in easy to understand language so you understand the idea rather than memorizing information. Steps walk you through the process in a no-nonsense way for an easy application on the job

  • Checklists

    Over 200 pages of checklists for estimating and inspecting trade installations are available to reduce time pricing projects and avoid loss through poor installations. Business checklists and trades checklists are coming in 2021

Jennifer Johnson

General Contractor, Remodeler, Blueprints, Codes, Permits and ASID Designer

Welcome to CTS. I along with my son and Foreman since the age of 15, Syndgen started the Construction Trade School Dallas in 2015. We have a small business I founded in 2009 for residential remodeling based on project cost-savings through effective workflows and efficiency. While increasing product quality. Through the years we focused on making the maximum profit on each and every job with thoughtful planning and effective design. We hope you join us in this great home building field and together we Build Better Homes.

Syndgen Johnson

Foreman, Product Research, Manager, Gets the Job Done Guy

Syndgen started in construction at age 14 doing the demo and moved into the Foreman role at age 15 when it was found he was not phased at all by the customers' job-site behavior. Now at 26 he is a founding partner of CTS, runs all the projects, works with clients, cities, suppliers, and trades. He manages all project schedules, quality control, time frames and all the functioning parts of CTS to make the training and consulting happen.