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Estimating The hard truth is no one should do work for less than what it should cost. The only question is, what is the right price? Are you guessing how much the project will cost? Do you know how to put together a job? What is the difference in estimating, allowances, and proposals? If you struggle with these questions, this is the class for you. Blueprints - Follow the DeWalt Reading blueprints handbook for a beginner level overview of construction drawings, terms, symbols, and vocabulary most used on the job. Project Management is the key to success and financial gain. You have heard time is money, and it is true. Every time you run to the store, you cost yourself $100 in time, as well as the cost of buying more than you need! Start Planning Now! Customers and Sales How do you increase sales and grow your company? First, build a trusted relationship with your customer and make sure they understand that you’re not just doing a job. Contracts How do you make sure your customers pay you for the great job you do? Believe it or not, more people default on paying the balance of work completed for them, then we would like to admit. Contracts help you get paid and make you look more professional. What is a contract, and what do you put into it? Business Running any company, let alone a construction company takes more than the average business needs. Go through the Small Business Administration's' small business start-up checklist for starting a company and put your business on the path to success.
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  • Plus Real Walk Through Case Studies and Codes

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    Imagine how it would feel to see actual job bidding and scheduling. Or know the codes and be treated like a pro from the beginning.

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    Pre-project forms designed to help anyone prepare for a project. These forms provide a step-by-step outline to ensure all pre-project activities for the exterior or interior of a project are assessed and recorded. ​